I am a hard working blue collar Hoosier who was raised with conservative Christian values. I’m a husband to my wonderful wife Jennifer of ten years and proud dad of four incredible homeschooled boys.   

As a confessional Lutheran I confess that I am saved by grace through faith in Christ alone.  I stand on the truth of God’s Word and aim to love and serve my neighbors with integrity in what I say and do.  

As someone whose primary vocation is of husband and father I want the best for my family now, and for the future.  Our modern culture is at war against the natural family and in large part I blame big, top-down government which has robbed us blind and greatly burdened the next generation.  

We need a change of direction from our government and a renewed focus.  I am confident that a 180-degree turn toward individual liberty and virtue is what will best lead to a bright and prosperous future.  Right now what’s needed most is for men of principle to step up and lead in their homes and communities.

I am running to represent Indiana’s 3rd District in the United States House of Representatives to promote our traditional American values, local self-determination and limited constitutional government, which I believe is the best way for our families to thrive.